Armiz Choir was born in December of 1995,  under the patronage of the Musical Acorde Association, becoming the "Choir Section " part.

It is directed by M ª Consolacion Martos Moreno, musician, who studied at several musical schools as "Juventudes Musicales", later at the "Conservatorio Superior de Música Victoria Eugenia" of Granada and the "Conservatorio Superior" of Almería. She belonged to the Ortiz del Barco Choir, known as Ciudad de Motril Choir for 9 years, and studied Choir Direction with Luis Pedro Bedmar and Jordi Casas.

With her experience and illusion she managed to transmit all her musical and educational knowledge to an amateur choir group  . They form a group of about thirty voices trying well to sound like one and enjoying the music in its pure state.

The name of this Coral is taken of the most traditional product of this land as the "caña de azucar" is, actually its sweeter variety well known as "Armiz".

Between their more out-standing
activities they have been performing uninterrupted in Motril Christmas Concerts since 1997, as well as in Salobreña in 1998. Later in 1998 they participated in the tenth "Encuentro Provicional de Polifonía" of Niguelas. The fourth "Ciclo Navidad de La Axarquia" in Vélez Málaga on December 1998. In the second "Certamen de Corales" in Adra city, november 1998. In the eleventh "Encuentro de Música Coral Villa de Torreperegil on December of 1999. They have performed many concerts in Lanjaron, Salobreña and Motril, as well as many  Eucharistic celebrations in Motril, emphasizying the "Solemne Bendición de Ntra. Sra. del Rosario" in 1998, and the canonization service for the Agustinos Martyrs in 1999. In the years 2001 and 2002, they have been realized, organized by the Association Confraternities, concerts of Sacred Music in Motril city. Also they did another Sacred Music perform in Otura, march of 2002.

On October the fourth, 2002, in recognition of their labor they were given the Motril ADMIRABLE prize granted by ADMI association.

On November the seventh, 2002, a didactic concert is given in the Calderon theatre of Motril coinciding with the starting and presentation of the academic year and the international day of "Alfabetización".

The 20th of December in this year, the Choir performs a Christmas Concert at the Church of the P.P. Agustinos, which is recorded by the local television in order to be played on tv during the Christmas.

They have a multiple color painted self-list, that goes from the traditional music and christmas carols to sacred music.


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